MMA in Memphis

MMA gyms in Memphis TN

Interested in finding an MMA gym to start training for fitness related goals or mixed martial arts competition? Memphis has a growing MMA community that can serve your needs. Look for gyms or dojos that offer a good diversity of fighting styles, training routines and qualified instructors. Mixed martial arts encompasses standup fighting, such as boxing and Muay Thai, as well as ground fighting, like Brazilian jujitsu and Greco-roman wrestling. A serious MMA practitioner must learn all aspects of fighting and be proficient at both defending and attacking from almost every conceivable position. It is this combination of skills that has made MMA the ultimate fighting style for hand-to-hand combat in the world today. Find MMA gyms in the Memphis TN area.

Greco-roman Wrestling in Mixed Martial Arts

Even in MMA's early days, Greco-roman wrestling was singled out as being an essential style for mixed martial artists to study and master. Greco-roman wrestling teaches to control an opponent's body through aggressive grappling techniques that can take an fighter to the ground and keep him there. This style allows a fighter to avoid unnecessary and often dangerous striking exchanges on the feet. Once both fighters are on the ground, the wrestler is able to maximize his body's leverage through smart body positioning and to begin inflicting damage to his opponent with elbow strikes and punches. When searching for MMA gyms in Memphis, make sure the club has a competent wrestling program that teaches takedowns, tackles and wrestling defense, as well as ground control from the top position and ground-and-pound strategy.

Memphis Jujitsu Gyms

Brazilian jujitsu is another form of ground fighting, but unlike wrestling, jujitsu relies on a mixture of aggressive and passive strategies that can defend from and attack an opponent in almost any situation. Furthermore, Brazilian jujitsu employs chokes and joint locks that can end a fight by submission. Since its rise to prominence in the UFC organization by famed jujitsu artist Royce Gracie, jujitsu has become a pillar of MMA that all fighters must be proficient at using. Most jujitsu schools can be divided into gi or no-gi training styles. Since MMA fighters typically only wear shorts during combat, it is recommended that no-gi (no traditional uniform) training is sought after. Most MMA gyms will conduct their jujitsu classes wearing shorts and t-shirts (or rashguards), but one should check beforehand to be sure. Look for Brazilian jujitsu training in Memphis by finding gyms with spacious floor mats, belt certified instructors, and a jujitsu program that can be integrated seamlessly with an overall MMA fight game.

Memphis Muay Thai Kickboxing

As MMA has matured as a sport, one style has taken the lead as being the most efficient and effective form of striking. Muay Thai kickboxing is currently the preferred style for dishing out punishment on the feet. Using roundhouse kicks to the thighs, knees from the clinch position, and brutal punches and elbows to the body and head, Muay Thai is devastating enough to end many fights before they ever get to the ground. In addition to its deadly arsenal of techniques, kickboxing teaches rhythm, timing and fast reflexes. In other words, practicing Muay Thai will improve all aspects of your fight game. In addition, kickboxing provides an excellent cardio workout while increasing flexibility, power and speed. Train Muay Thai in Memphis by searching for gyms that offer a large selection of heavy bags, a spacious workout area and a roped ring or cage. Only train at gyms where there are certified instructors with experienced students to spar with. Sparring is recommended for any serious student that wishes to taste combat in a safe and controlled environment.

Judo, Karate, Tae Kwon Do in Memphis

Learning other fight sports and martial arts can be beneficial to the MMA practitioner. Since mixed martial arts is actually a blend of different styles and techniques, an MMA fighter can borrow any move that they find useful from any traditional fighting style. Judo has been successfully used in MMA for its ensnaring hip throws and leg trips. Top fighters and champions have used judo in situations where wrestling tackles are not possible or are too risky to perform. Similarly, striking techniques borrowed from karate, taekwondo and kung-fu have appeared in numerous fights where fighters attempt to use unorthodox moves that their opponent may not be familiar with. Prospective MMA students in Memphis should keep in mind that a deep toolbox of combat techniques provides the best chances for winning. Look for training centers that teach a wide variety of techniques and styles so that your overall game does not become predictable and boring.

MMA Clothing and Gear in Memphis Tennessee

Get name brand MMA clothing from such labels as Venom MMA, Sinister and Warrior Wear. Find shops that sell official MMA gloves like Ouano, Isami, and Hayabusa. Buy MMA gear for your training sessions from respected brands such as Sprawl, Inspirit and Xtreme Couture.